"Honestly this goes right up at the top with my Yeezy Season, Balenicaga, Gucci, and Vetements hoodies. The quality on these, both blanks and prints are outta this world. 10/10! God bless this brand! Its goin places for sure! Looking forward to every release goin forward!"
"Love it!!! Literally so comfortable! The texture is different and I don’t have anything thing that feel the same as this fabric! Super unique!"
"We all have that perfect tee that we love & wish we could wear everyday! Well this is another one of those to add to your wardrobe!!! The most comfortable tee I own & a true conversation starter, love sharing the story behind when people ask me where I got it!!!!"
"You need this shirt! High quality shirt, and amazing design. I get compliments on it all the time. I can’t wait for y’all to release more products!"